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benz, beamer or bike?

why do you do what you do? why did you study that in college? essentially, the question at hand here is do we choose careers based on the lifestyle/money/comfort that they offer or is it because the content is something thats truly what we enjoy in life.

in med school, most students are drawn initially because of the science/information, with probably a partial draw from the money that can be earned. but as the end of third year (the time when career decisions are finally made) a solid proportion of people end up focusing in on careers that provide a better lifestyle, even if it means sacrificing truly what you enjoy about medical school. i have seen some of my friends forgo a field because of potentially how hard the residency years will be. now, im not saying that i havent made some decisions based on that logic, but it is interesting to see how minds are being molded by external factors

i wonder that 50 years ago, 100 years ago, when our parents/grandparents were making decisions…how did they do it? clearly, the lack of internet probably limited how much “exposure-variety” they got. i presume it would have been difficult for them to “experience” a variety of fields and then make an informed decision. did they then make career decisions based on what they were told by their parents? why dont we do that?

or is all this a product of the situations that people are put in? sort of like a vicious cycle that exists in the poorest of regions in the world.

just food for thought on why doctors become doctors, why lawyers become lawyers and why consultants become consultants. what are all the factors, at each step, that go into deciding what we do for the rest of our lives?? think about it..



nate burleson to the lions – 5y 25m – good move i think. detroit needs a #2 wr and anytime you can upgrade with a proven talent rather than the draft…i am a fan. maybe they overpaid a bit, but burleson is pretty versatile as a returner as well; good addition overall. and detroit frees up draft picks to address that terrible defense

anquan boldin to the ravens – 4y 28m – fantastic move. i think this is great, because it gives flacco a proven wideout, but also completes their wr core. boldin isnt a deep threat but he doesnt need to be – that would be donte stallworth. and now it allows them to grab gresham the TE with their first pick and have the makings of a solid offense. im still worried about the defense its lack of playmakers. hopefully theres another move hidden here and in the draft

karlos dansby to the dolphins – 5y 43m – worst kept secret. dansby returns to the SEC domain he ruled at auburn and shores up a dolphins defense, that has lost some key linebackers over the past couple of years. alot of money for him, but bart scott set this market up last year with his contract…it was a long time coming.

antrel rolle to the giants – 5y 37m – not a fan of this one very much. i was never a fan of rolle to begin with. he didnt cut it as a CB in arizona so they moved him to safety, because he could hit. but then he only had 1 above average season at safety, so i definitely dont think hes worth the money. did the giants need him? yes. that secondary was terrible. did they overpay? yes. which is why i dont like this move.

julius peppers/chester taylor to the bears – 6y 92m, 4y 13m – talk about overpaying. for peppers that is. but chicago had to make a splash with essentially no draft picks planning to pan out this year. taylors acquisition is curious, from taylors point of view. he didnt want to share in minny, so he comes to chicago…to share with forte? id much rather play in minnesota (hello nfc championship) rather than chicago with cutler and his 5 INTs/game

kerry rhodes to the cardinals – traded for 4th rounder – good pickup by arizona. easily replacing rolle. not sure why the jets traded rhodes, unless he really was creating a situation in the locker room. but this move also shouldnt scare anyone in the nfc west. rhodes isnt that great of a player to strike fear. hes serviceable.


seaplane over vancouver

its only fitting that my first real post is about sports. simply put, i love sports, and pretty much will follow anything with a healthy competition.

but this is about the olympics – the ultimate contest – pitting the world’s best athletes against each other, against the elements, against the pressure…and seeing them deliver time and time again.

while the 21st olympiad did not get off to the greatest start, it certainly ended with a ton of emotion. the joy amongst the athletes was palpable and the disappointment from the canadians as the games were closed by dr rogge was expected. but i had never heard boos in a closing ceremony before. that was a first. and a pleasant first, nonetheless. i had read about this, but i could for the first time, that host nation was GENUINELY happy that the games came to vancouver – not for all the revenue/tourism/etc it brought – but because they could show off their country.

more importantly to me was how the athletes delivered. shani davis’ extra effort to defend his gold, apolo ohno’s luck and balance (in a sport where crashes are the norm, in every race from the heats to the finals, he managed to cross the finish line in the top3 eight times…amazing), team usa hockey’s inspired play, hannah kearney stealing the gold from jen heil, alex bilodeau finally getting home gold for canada (opening the floodgates for a gold rush), the nighttrain defending its world championship, peter northug taking his rightful gold in the mens 50K cross country, chad hedrick and his trio of 19 year olds taking out the dutch where they use speed skating to get around town, evan lysacek and kim yu na skating the programs of their lives, the usa nordic combined squad coming out of nowhere, simon aamann literally flying around the mountains of vancouver, lindsey vonn and essentially what is her stubborness, julia mancuso and her undeniable spirit, and of course joannie rochette’s courage (as nbc mentioned about 73 times over the weekend)…the list goes on. the underlying theme is that all these athletes delivered. the passion, excitement, chaos, unbelievableness, sheer nonsense that was witnessed over the past 2 weeks is what makes the olympics what they are. there will be no nhl game that is played with such passion or watched with such pull as yesterdays gold medal game. simply the best hockey game iand perhaps the best sports game ever that ive seen

to top it all of, as far as been released so far, there have been very few instances of doping, foul play, and other indiscretions by these human beings in a pressure cooker. gone are the days of stripping medals and we can appreciate the winners for the pure talent they exude on the ice, slopes, in vancouver.

as you can tell, i love the olympics. international competition brings something to the surface in everyone that makes it infinitely more enjoyable than national past-times. i cant wait til 2012, but at least the world cup is just a few months away…

at first..

i am not a writer, nor am i trying to be one. i have always thought about creating a blog, simply to write down my thoughts/concerns/ideas – which may hopefully spark some discussions here and there.

as you may have guessed, this is my first blog. and it will be a work in progress. postings may range  from sports to politics to news to food to music (basically anything and everything, as long as i have coherent thoughts about it)

lets see where this takes us..